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Address:双马石路399号, Nanchang, Jiangxi
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Pullman Nanchang Meiling XinLv hotel is located in the central area of Wanli, Nanchang City, 30 minutes' drive from Honggutan CBD business district, Nanchang High Speed Railway west station and Changbei Airport, with fast and convenient transportation. The hotel is invested and built by Xinlv group, with a construction area of 32000 square meters. It is a one-stop micro Resort Hotel in the suburbs of the city integrating guest rooms, catering, business meetings, leisure and recreation, outdoor development, culture and art.
The hotel is backed by 800 Mu Mopanshan Forest Park and close to Lingxiu lake. The architectural shape is "L" shaped courtyard group distribution, modern Chinese design style, integrating the essence of Chinese gardens and architecture, beam column tenon and mortise structure, inclined roof space, hollow full floor glass partition, and you can enjoy the beauty of the courtyard indoors. The indoor ground is paved with gold bricks made of special clay from 10m underground, and the traditional process is used to restore the charm of Chinese architecture. The hotel has a number of rooms with an area of more than 40 square meters. All rooms are equipped with panoramic terraces. You can feel the fresh air brought by the forest oxygen bar without leaving home. Various types of characteristic net red rooms are available. The 270 ° panoramic terrace of Meiling lake view room is not only a panoramic view of Lingxiu lake, but also a private space for holding family gatherings; Feel the twilight in Yaxin courtyard room with independent outdoor garden; Yayue mountain view room allows you to experience the unique landscape of forest bathing. 900 square meter multi-functional hall - Yue banquet hall adopts multi-functional space design, which can be divided into three independent spaces according to the number of people, equipped with professional stage lighting and linear array sound; It can undertake various banquet activities such as business meetings, enterprise annual meetings, product launches, enterprise exhibitions, wedding banquets, birthday banquets and so on; At the same time, three meeting rooms of different sizes are equipped to meet different meeting needs. Yuecui restaurant, located on the first floor of the hotel, has a separate area and seven special boxes, which can accommodate 222 guests at the same time. The restaurant adopts red brick collage style to highlight the unique design style, aiming to perfectly present the classics of authentic Chinese architecture. The restaurant focuses on high-quality Jiangxi cuisine, health food, side stove and other special health food, and provides you with local and domestic natural health food materials.
The hotel fitness center integrates sports, leisure and parent-child entertainment, providing guests with a variety of fitness experience and training services to alleviate guests' fatigue during the journey; The boundless swimming pool in the forest integrates swimming with the green mountains, and customize the exclusive scene of punching in and out for you. At the same time, there are also colorful leisure and entertainment projects such as Xinlv fun city exploration camp full of wild adventure, indoor Teddy parent-child club and outdoor Xinlv global Teddy powerless paradise, Xinlv fun city Carnival square where you can punch in anytime and anywhere, Yueming tea room with immersive multi-cultural art, leisure necessary chess and card room / KTV, roof outdoor barbecue and so on.
Pullman Nanchang Meiling XinLv hotel aims to become a micro vacation destination for urban people.